Yuxun Ye


Yuxun Ye is an artist and designer from China who received professional glass training in China Academy of Art where studied towards his Bachelor’s degree. He is interested in light and space, and explores its associated visual dimensions; how does light affect people‘s perception of thing?

Light is a magical thing, you can see it but you can’t really see it, sometimes it lies to you but you don’t know when. As an optical medium, glass is an excellent material for us to play with light. In my work, I want people to see ordinary objects from an extraordinary perspective. My work shows the visual effects created by refraction through glass, and how light is affected by the optical properties of glass. We can see an object because our eyes receive light from the surface of the object, but once the path of the reflected light is disrupted, our perception is disrupted. Are we still seeing the original object? Is what we seeing the truth?