Ruiqi Dai


Ruiqi Dai is a designer from China. She graduated from University of the Arts London in 2016, where Craft Central listed her in the top 22 best graduate designer-makers from across the UK. Dai’s design work Fountainia was awarded A’Design Award Bronze Prize in 2018 and her works have been exhibited internationally. 

I hope to explore the balance between sculptural form and functionality through making interactive and playful products that transform moments of daily life into ceremonial gestures. 

The first collection looks into people’s everyday dining activities. Fountainia is a wine divider; when poured from above wine flows equally into six wine glasses. Creating this object allowed me to explore the dynamic experience of drinking through sharing and pouring. Through the manipulation of the texture and optic qualities of glass, Light Escaper transfers playfulness into a daily object, creating interaction with its users. Mirage is a centerpiece for the table that can serve fruits and desserts. 

My research focuses on how different materials coexist; the interplay of glass, wood and metal, and how each material serves a particular function within an object - how one material leads to or supports another. The lighting collection, on the other hand, is the beginning of an investigation into the optic quality of glass and its application in lighting design. I intend to achieve an elegant and simple aesthetic while creating an intimate and unique user experience. /  / @ruiqidai