Paul Rowbottom


Paul Rowbottom trained as a sculptor at Leicester Polytechnic and Les Arts Decoratifs, Strasbourg. Major influences on his working practice have been a residency at the Tengenenge Sculptors’ Community, Zimbabwe in 1992, and another at the Shiro Oni Studios, Japan in 2017. As an artist and educator, Rowbottom has been active in leading programmes in colleges, school and community settings.

The interiority of glass, as a medium, allows the potential to go beneath the surface; visually and metaphorically. Glass has a unique quality that it explicitly reveals or conceals new worlds; making the invisible appear visible.

During the MA I have explored the threshold between traditional and digital processes. The static arabesque form of the kiln-cast glass is activated by the movement of the viewer, this is contrasted with blown- glass forms which arrest the kinetic movement of sprung steel. 

The works presented here aim to generate a range of emotional responses including; nuanced beauty and a sense of mutability; a constant flux between instability and equilibrium. /   / @paul.rowbottom