Nico Conti, born 1992, is a Maltese artist residing in London. Upon graduating, from his BA in Fine Arts at the Institute for the Creative Arts in Malta, he moved to London to study ceramics. While developing his ceramic practice, he found new ways of subverting processes; drawing together his fondness for material and his inquisitive nature. Consequently, Conti was invited to present his 3D printed work to HRH, the Prince of Wales. 

Having lived on the small island of Malta all my life meant that I was constantly surrounded by family and tradition. Leaving the faithful heat of the Mediterranean sun and building a life in the metropolis that is London has exposed me to vast resources and opportunities. This sudden shift into the contemporary impacted my work the most.

With the ever so fast advancements in technology, art and craft are affected by modern tools and machinery. I now look at clay and seek to find methods of taking it to new territory. I am drawn by conflicting themes that I strive to unify in my work; traditional and contemporary, stability and weakness, order and chaos. Each side has a little of the other; there are no clear solid boundaries and that overlap is where I draw most of my inspiration from. For me, clay is not a material but also a tool that serves as a visual vocabulary that expresses my ideas. /  / @nicocontiart