Jinya Zhao


Born and raised in China, Jinya Zhao discovered a passion for glass whilst studying for a BA at the China Academy of Art, she graduated in 2017. Zhao sees glass as an ideal medium to explore the themes of environment, emotions and personal experiences. 

My practice spans sculpture, installation and design. In this particular exhibition, I have created two bodies of new work, using different qualities of glass and metal in order to explore subtle relationships between colour, form and structure.

My intention is to playfully explore how glass can affect the viewers’ perception of reality and to engender emotional responses. For this collection, I use opaque and transparent layered blown glass to deliberately obscure the interior of the specific ambiguous forms. Additionally, I combine sharp angled metal in combination with softly curved glass to create a heightened sense of material balance. This creates a paradoxical interpretation of what is interior or exterior. To this end, I aim to evoke the Non-existent Existence.

www.jinyazhao.com / jinya.zhao@network.rca.ac.uk   / @jinyaglass