Ji Huang


Ji Huang is an international glass artist whose work explores the changing dynamic between the virtual and the actual through material experimentation. He completed his undergraduate studies in glass in 2017 at the University of Washington and has worked at Pilchuck Glass School during the past three summers. Huang has recently completed a residency in Murano, Italy, creating a collaborative sculpture to be exhibited in Museo del Vetro in Venice. He will spend the next year at the Harbourfront Center for Craft and Design in Toronto, Canada, as artist in residence. 

Glass is my chosen material. I am fascinated and inspired by both the long history of glass making, and the daily experience of working with glass. I am determined not only to master techniques but also to invent something new, incorporating influences from my own culture. I am intrigued by a style of lacquer decoration called Xi Pi and captivated by the idea of generations of craftspeople accumulating technical knowledge and experience in different materials. My current work focuses on developing a glass making process inspired by Xi Pi lacquer, to achieve a unique surface quality in the glass. The process is extremely labour intensive. I create each original form from wax and texture it by hand; I then produce refractory moulds from using the lost wax process. An experienced glassblower blows a prepared cup with layers of colour into the pre-heated mould. After a 48 hour cooling cycle, I remove the glass from the mould and finish the form, using cold working processes. Each object takes a minimum of two weeks to complete. 

www.huangjiglass.weebly.com / ji.huang@network.rca.ac.uk / @jihuangglass