Helen Slater Stokes (PhD)


After graduating from The Royal College of Art in 1996, with a Master’s degree in glass, Slater Stokes set up her business Helen Slater Glass, in Oxfordshire. Since then she has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally and is currently lecturing in Kiln Formed Glass at De Montfort University, Leicester.

Within the contemporary world the captivating imagery of 3D film, 3D television and virtual reality is at the cutting edge of visual technology. For centuries we have been fascinated by the creation of such visual illusions and immersions that play with our perception of the world. From auto-stereoscopic barrier methods, pioneered in 1692 by French painter G.A. de Bois-Clair, to the ‘Op’ Art movement of the 1960s and more recently Asad J. Malik’s AR films.

This research, by building on these new and old technologies, examines how this type of illusion can be created and perceived within glass. The work explores theories of optical perception, in connection with the binocular recognition of depth and space, and kinetic clues to distance, through motion parallax monitoring, in addition to assumptions about default linear perspective, light and inference within our personal schemata.

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