Hao Ma


Hao Ma is a product designer who specialises in ceramic lighting. He was born in China and completed the International Course at China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. Ma subsequently moved to London, graduating from Kingston University with a BA in Product & Furniture Design in 2017. His practice seeks to find a balance between fine craft and modern production.

As a designer, I focus on contemporary issues related to modern lifestyle. I want to provide everyday products to improve people’s living environment. I enjoy making products for a wider consumer market and thus my aim is to design affordable products that provide intelligent solutions to everyday issues. I focus on how I can achieve mass production while retaining the beauty of a refined craft object.

I have a strong interest in craft, in particular, the materials that I work with. I have explored the translucency of bone china as the medium for producing light fittings, which when combined with an interchangeable modular design creates customized products for the consumer. 

I believe that a designer’s role is like a that of a conductor; an organizer of all the resources; from craftsman to manufacture, from a material supplier to retail. They should make every process connect smoothly and work in harmony. They exchange design knowledge with experts in each area, finding target markets, and finally concluding the projects. I consider these as the guidelines for my practice.

www.fetstudio.com / hao.ma@network.rca.ac.uk   / @fetstudio