Guy Marshall-Brown


Guy Marshall-Brown is a Gloucestershire born artist, who has been living and working in London for six years. After graduating from the Fine Art programme at The CASS in 2016, he featured in a flurry of exhibitions across Europe. Marshall-Brown has a keen interest in academic art theory, thus enjoys writing and teaching.

Architecture is humanity’s most prominent symbolic achievement, it physically towers over us in a manner that science, poetry or art does not. These achievements are constants on the horizon and therefore in our lives, yet when tragic events cause damage to these buildings we are reminded of the true fragility of these ‘permanent’ structures. Considering this, and by taking significant reference from Joseph Rykwert’s The Dancing Column; which explores the connection between architecture and the human body, I have produced a body of work that evokes architectural features in a state of flux. 

Inclusions to the ceramic body introduce orchestrated faults: warping, fracturing and weeping forms metaphorically challenge the symbolism of these architectural forms. The forms appear to be decaying but while showing signs of an emergent force bursting through the surface. /   / @guymarshallbrown