chloé Rosetta Bell


Chloé Rosetta Bell is a multidisciplinary designer approaching her practice from the viewpoint of an artist, craftsperson and researcher. Her practice examines the dialogues that are formed between people and the landscapes from which they work and live. In particular, Bell has an interest in the relationships that are developed in the food industry.

My current collections are research-driven and have been formed in response to two Michelin star restaurants; The Kitchen Table, in Marylebone and Sosban & The Old Butchers, on the Isle of Anglesey. Restaurants develop unique relationships with their food suppliers. These relationships are not only formed in order to source extraordinary food but simultaneously form connections between chefs and their suppliers’ landscapes. 

My objects have two dimensions. Firstly, to elevate the relationships between supplier and restaurant through the inclusion of by-products - found in the supplier’s landscape - within my own production methods. The glaze formed for Kitchen Table is developed from the waste oyster shells at Porthilly Oyster Farm. Secondly, to generate sensual objects that enhance the dining experience of each restaurant; to amplify the sensory experience of the food provoking reflection upon taste and the pleasure of eating. 

The collections forge physical and sensory connections between the restaurants, their suppliers and the natural landscape from which the ingredients are sourced. /  / @whinblossom

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