Aphra O’Connor


Aphra was born in Whitby, North Yorkshire and has always had a fascination with collecting forms that she considers as 3D collages. O’Connor graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2014 with a BA in Sculpture. This background allows her to visualise clay in a manner that is outside of the craft pathway; with the aim of extending her designs into collaborative and inclusive installations. 

I have titled this installation of ceramic and print works Dynamic Equilibrium to reference Piet Mondrian’s thoughts on the unification of form. The bringing together of colour and form in coadunation and absolute equivalence is critical in allowing me to unite sculptural forms and my drawn patterns in a new dimension that is both flat and solid.

My interest in collections has lead me to create a visual language out of my own drawings and found forms that are then translated into plaster moulds and used as an object generator. I am amalgamating these ceramic and print works to create a holistic way of seeing form, pattern and colour.

www.aphraoconnor.co.uk / aphra.oconnor@network.rca.ac.uk   / @aphraoconnor