Anne Lykke


Anne Lykke is a female artist born and raised in Denmark. She studied BA Ceramics at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art from 2010 to 2014. After graduating, Lykke focused on her professional practice; exhibiting internationally. In 2019 her work was purchased for the Ömer Koç Collection. 

My work is autobiographical and draws upon my life experience; love, family, memories and contemplations, seen through the veil of my eternal life companion; bipolar disorder. Through my work, I open a window to an inner space; a beautiful, ethereal and dreamlike world that veils the very real and often dark and difficult subject matter of human existence. My work, inevitably, starts with myself but does not end there, the subject matter reaches into humanity as a whole; how we experience the society we have created around ourselves and the psychological challenges it brings to us as human beings.

Through the use of hand-painted patterns, mark-making and illustration, I employ artistic languages that are anchored in the taxonomy of ceramic vessels which, since the earliest forms of pottery have always been used to leave a trail; a narrative of the culture and the people who made them, through this practice I continue this tradition as an artist in the 20th century. /  / @anneathena